about us

Beautiful Briny Sea is an artisan dry goods company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our small-batch salt blends, sugars, and other culinary products are made with integrity, sustainability and a whole lot of love.

Our humble beginnings date back to 2011, when restaurateur Suzi Sheffield decided to seek new adventures while continuing to pursue her culinary passion. Armed with a boatload of creativity, a love for all things homemade, and a flair for whimsy, Suzi brought Beautiful Briny Sea and its beloved small-batch sea salts to life in a studio in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward.

Since then, our product line has expanded to include ten salt batches, as well as a handful of various other sundries and specialty goods. Suzi's always dreaming up new concoctions in the Salt Shack, so keep your ear to the ground for upcoming products, fun collaborations, and other new projects.


Suzi Sheffield

Once upon a time, Suzi Sheffield was fully immersed in the restaurant world, orchestrating catered events and running the show in the kitchen of her small South Carolina taqueria. But when she decided she was ready for a change of pace, the self-taught cook swapped out her chef's knife and toque for a mortar and pestle. Nowadays, you'll find her sifting through local herbs, tinkering with black lava salt, and dreaming up inventive flavors in the Atlanta studio that Beautiful Briny Sea calls home.

Suzi founded Beautiful Briny Sea in 2011, setting out with a mission to craft a handmade good that likeminded folks could enjoy in their own homes. Born from a family full of farmers and bakers, you could say her love for all things home-grown and hand-made is in her blood. Thus, Beautiful Briny Sea was born. Since then, the artisan dry goods company has steadily gathered a loyal crew of followers, cultivated at countless farmers markets, craft fairs, and specialty food shops. From the locally grown herbs to the foraged mushrooms, each and every ingredient is sourced and gathered with integrity, resulting in honest, simple and downright uncommon hand-crafted goods.

With creativity, culinary skill, and an unabashed knack for whimsy, Suzi has crafted a roster of hand-blended salt batches, sugar blends, and other various gourmet sundries in her Old Fourth Ward "salt shack." Beautiful Briny Sea's current offerings range from the decadent (black truffle and fleur de sel salt) to the inventive (like the sweet, rose-spiked Beautiful Dreamer sugar) to the downright magical (pretty much anything tastes better with a dash of Magic Unicorn). But one thing each and every one of Suzi's creations have in common? Regular old table salt doesn't even come close to this stuff.